Love, Conflict; Consumption

we are told how to feel, what to feel and what terms our choices are made on. true martyrs to a social chemistry I want nothing to do with.  

These conflicts are a plethora of human conflict resolution.   

I do not believe in bullying, I do not believe in restriction. 

If you are one of these symptoms remove yourself. I want nothing from you.

Libel isn’t cute

First of all let me start of by saying I hate, hate, hate those that put anyone in a small box and scapegoating ANYONE isn’t fucking cute. 

For months now I have been in a long debate with those that have a deep hatred for the Juggalo lifestyle.

While I personally am not a Juggalette, I do know those that are apart of that community.  I find the biggest threat to a peaceful coexistence between those in the community and those that live the gang lifestyle is the one that endangers the public and labels those that defend a culture as participating associates of criminal activity. That is social genocide based on mere factors of opinion and mere mob mentality—-which is completely erratic and against any logical standpoint. 

So back to the story…a certain nameless anti-juggalo page…labeled yours truly as a gang member. Now I will never be one to resort to statism to handle my liberty, but I educated this mod on online libel….this turned into a shit storm of excuses. So I ended up just letting it go and blocking the page. But before letting go of the issue (sometimes its best to pick your truth battles) I discovered that this certain nameless page provides a consult for the alphabet soupers. Which completely makes the source of their information biased.

So this entire journey attempting to free those that live the Juggalo lifestyle was null due to the source of the entire case being a propagator of fear and ignorance.

I will admit that this has gone on far too long…and this story only gets bigger…becoming now a story of entrapment & violent entropy.   

Sorry I’ve been absent guys. I took a hiatus from writing for a bit to handle a personal issue, and clear my mind. 

Buttttt its back to business as usual.

I’m getting married in Vegas this month. It will be a private ceremony. We will also be eating @ Nora’s, off the strip.

I have since my last post lost a friend. To herself really. She assaulted me

and I don’t know…. what is more freeing
the clarity of finding out who see truly is…

or the burden she put on my life for almost 10 years.

But nonetheless, this all mung…there are much more important things

to talk about. like tumors! or sex. or food. 

I like those options. 


Love Ivy

Iraq, AGAIN?

Once again we are faced with yet another whiplash from the

military industrial complex. Hidden in the mainstream news

over crowded with apologists and the objectification of every

form of being sits the looming civil war of Iraq. This war is between

ISIS & the Iraqi Government. Our interest in this war, or at least what the media

would like us to assume, would be to act as peace keepers. In reality our government

and military perpetuated this war and provided ISIS with the tools

and mobility needed to terrorize Iraq. Many news informers and politicians

who foreshadowed this war are now pleading that implement the obvious

tactic and REMAIN OUT OF IT! Hasn’t there been enough bloodshed on the

hands of bad choices? We must assume the responsibility for not

only profiteering from the invasion of Iraq but perpetuating this

current climate of death. In doing so we come to direct action

and split Iraq up before it is too late and this climate evolves into

something much more deadly.